1. Overview
Microverse is a decentralised world-building platform that allows users to build, play and engage in a vast world with endless opportunities to create captivating experiences. Built with the latest blockchain and VR technologies, combined with the innovative concepts of DeFi, NFTs and GameFi, there are countless possibilities and outcomes to be harnessed within the world. Users will have full reign to explore this extended reality space, and they can enjoy exciting game mechanics, social networking activities and a wide array of products and services that promises to deliver a fun and dynamic journey.
The MicroWorld is a virtual space formed by a limited number of 13,810 pieces of PLOT. Users can buy and own virtual PLOTs (represented by BEP721-tokens), collect exclusive BEP20-based NFTs and collectibles, and have fun developing and utilizing their assets (avatars, buddies, wearables, in-world items, tools, etc) within Microverse. Landowners are free to develop their PLOT however they wish, and they can also choose to monetize every aspect within. There is only a very limited number of PLOTs in the MicroWorld, and users can acquire them using MVP tokens. The in-world economy will be completely driven by MVP tokens, which will be used for everything ranging from microtransactions to the purchase of goods and services, and will provide users with a sustainable in-world economy in an all new parallel universe.
Heavy emphasis has been placed on how the world approaches social interactions via technology as we aim to bring like-minded people from around the world to play, socialize, and build a strong community together. While games like Fortnite and Minecraft has given the world a glimpse at the metaverse, Microverse promises to deliver a brand-new experience that aims to empower users as they craft out their identity and purpose in the digital world. At Microverse, we believe in an open system of the future, and we are building the infrastructure to make it easy for everyone to thrive and prosper within this borderless universe.
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